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In the whole home decoration, the decoration is not high and the material is one aspect. The second is the treatment of closing the details. As long as the details are handled in place, they are exquisite everywhere and the overall collocation is simple and generous. Even if there is only 100000 decoration, they can also reflect the effect of 200000.
In recent years, there are more and more medium and high-rise buildings in the real estate market, and many young people pursue a higher life experience. This has driven the development of the decoration industry, and the stainless steel door pocket came into being. Among the stainless steel door covers, color stainless steel door covers are popular.
The price of colored stainless steel door pocket is affected by many factors. Different manufacturers, different specifications, different stainless steel materials and different prices.
Generally speaking, the price of stainless steel door covers is calculated according to square meters. Of course, some are calculated according to the number of sets. The specific price is related to the thickness, color, processing technology and shape of the plate required for the door pocket.
Stainless steel has many colors, such as silver, black and rose gold. Silver is the natural color of stainless steel. Rose gold can give people a high atmosphere, so usually rose gold stainless steel door pocket is more expensive than silver stainless steel door pocket. If it's 304 rose gold elevator door pocket, it's even more expensive.
Advantages of stainless steel door pocket
Stainless steel door pocket has been improved in both beauty and grade. Moreover, the stainless steel door pocket has no fading and deformation, and its service life will be longer.
1. Low cost and money saving
If you want to paste better ceramic tiles, marble and wood, the cost of the whole window cover is not low, while the cost of stainless steel is much lower, and the simple package is less than 200!
2. Waterproof and moisture-proof
Isn't the purpose of wrapping the window cover to protect the window hole and prevent the rain from coming back? The package of stainless steel will directly solve these problems, prolong the service life of the window hole, prevent collision and water seepage. When taking care of the window, just wipe the stainless steel window cover by the way!
3. Thin thickness will not cause visual abruptness
Compared with wood plate, the window cover made of stainless steel is much lighter. After installation, it will not affect the size of the window opening, let alone reduce the indoor daylighting.
4. The surface is bright and shows grade
In particular, the owner's home is in this modern simple style. The stainless steel window cover is matched with the stainless steel sink. The stainless steel material itself has the effect of reflection. On the whole, it can not only daylighting at home, but also high-grade! This marble and wood are not comparable!
Processing of stainless steel door pocket
There are five kinds of surface processing of stainless steel door pocket: rolling surface processing, mechanical surface processing, chemical surface processing, Anilox surface processing and color surface processing.
There are also some special surface finishes, but no matter which surface finish is specified, the following steps should be followed:
① Agree with the manufacturer on the required surface processing and prepare a sample as the standard for mass production in the future.
② When using in a large area (such as composite board), ensure that the base coil or coil used is the same batch.
③ In many architectural applications, such as the interior of elevators, although fingerprints can be erased, they are not beautiful. If the cloth surface is selected, it is not so obvious. Mirror stainless steel must not be used in these places.
④ When selecting surface processing, the manufacturing process shall be considered. For example, in order to remove weld beads, the weld may be polished, and the original surface processing shall be restored.
There are two common styles of stainless steel door pocket. One is that the vertical edge and horizontal edge adopt the form of 45 degree collision angle, and the other is that the vertical edge and horizontal edge are installed vertically.
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