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Water Heater Repair: Complications & Best Solutions

water heaterRelatively few of us understand the whole part on water heaters or water heater repair. On the other hand, it is something each homeowner needs to deal with eventually in light of the fact that no water heater unit keeps going forever. Figuring out if or not you ought to fix your water heater or purchase another one relies solely on what isn’t right with it in any case. The following is a rundown of complications and the best solution for each.

1) Leaks

Quite often, leakage can be fixed effectively. The leak will for the most part originate from one of 3 places – the drainage valve, the tank or the pipes. The drainage valve is the most effortless fix. You can essentially fix it and much of the time the leak will come to a stop. In the event that the leak is originating from the pipes, check the fittings and fix every one. On the off chance that the leak endures, the leak is no doubt being brought about by a crack or a hole in 1 of the pipes because of corrosion. That is a generally simple fix and is justified, despite all the trouble to do as a result of the moderately little cost, regardless of the fact that you require to contract a professional. In conclusion, if the leakage is originating from the tank, then the tank in all likelihood should be replaced.

2) Water that is excessively hot or excessively cold

This is typically brought about by a damaged temperature pressure valve. This valve should close the water heating elements once the water achieves a certain pressure. On the off chance that this valve is damaged, it can be unsafe in light of the hot water that the unit would create, in addition to the way that the unit would blast because of developed pressure. Make a point to call an authorized repair service to check your unit.

3) Pilot light

In the event that the pilot light continues going off on your gas-water heater, the trouble is in all probability with the opening. The problem could likewise be the thermocouple. In the event that this is the situation, it won’t cost an excessive amount to replace it. In the event that you can repair it, you could do it yourself.

4) Water is not hot enough

On the off chance that the heated water isn’t hot enough, the problem is in all probability is theheating elements. On the off chance that this is the situation, purchasing another one is presumably the best alternative on the grounds that repair will be costly.

You can choose to repair you’re home water heater yourself. Before you begin to fuss and stress over repair costs, you ought to check first where the problem is by all accounts originating from and attempt to check whether you can do the water heaters repair yourself.

In any case, before you begin troubleshooting, you ought to first make a couple of cautionary moves to guarantee that you won’t meet any accidents while checking your water heater.

Repair Precautions

As a matter of first importance, you ought to make a point to kill the power source of the heater. A few heaters keep running on gas while others keep running on electricity. Whatever the case may be, make certain to kill either your gas connection or your electricity source preceding troubleshooting.

Turn off your tank’s water source, as well. Basically, what you need to happen is to have the heater and the tank free from their sources to keep away from accidents. When you have done these steps, check your thermostat in the event that it is an electric heater.

Check that both are working appropriately. Attempt to reset the thermostat first and if this still doesn’t work, check whether you need to replace your top thermostat or base thermostat.

Check for circuit imperfections if both thermostats are working yet at the same time no hot water is turning out. You ought to likewise check the heating elements, if that’s the case it should be replaced.

Then again, in the event that you are getting some kind of light brown or yellowish water from your shower, then you basically need to clean your tank. Flush out the water a few times and you ought to be getting clear water after this step.

On the off chance that, after these do-it-without anyone else’s help water heaters repair, you’re still not getting hot water or the water isn’t hot enough regardless of the fact that your thermostats are on high as of now; this is the time to call your trusted handyman or a trustworthy professional repair company.

Plumbing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are many plumbing mistakes some of us make when faced with a plumbing problem. Of course, most plumbing problems occur when we least expect it, such as getting ready for work or school or preparing for a fancy event. One plumbing mistake some of us make is using too much drain cleaner. Most drain cleaners are effective in getting rid of clogs but using too much of them can damage your drains. Instead of using a strong drain cleaner try shaking a half cup of baking soda on the drain area, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture stand for about five minutes and then flush with hot water. This method is less harsh and is usually effective.

plumbing mistakes

Another mistake is leaving an outside hose connected in the winter. This can cause your water lines to freeze and burst. This mistake could cause thousands of dollars in water damage; even before you see any symptoms of the damage. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you, always disconnect your outside hoses before temperatures drop below freezing.

Not turning off the water when a pipe springs a leak, can also cause a problem. If this happens to you, shut off the water, especially before you do any kind of repair work. Of course, most of us want to take care of plumbing problems when they occur; however, there are some plumbing problems that need a plumbing professional such as cutting into your walls or floors or gaining access to your main water lines.

Another plumbing mistake is mismatched plumbing. This can occur if you buy the wrong kind of plumbing fixture or the wrong pipe. Some may not know it but if you connect the wrong pipe with the wrong fixture, corrosion can kick in quickly and that can cause major problems. Using the wrong plumbing tools can also cause problems when installing a new fixture. For example, if you install a new toilet and the bolts are not tightened as they should, leakage could occur. Or, a new toilet is installed and is not leveled correctly. This, of course, could lead to your bathroom being flooded with water.

Not knowing how everything goes back together properly, can be another plumbing mistake. This mistake can not only be frustrating but could also cause additional problems; especially if water begins to leak and you’re not sure what to do next. Overloading the garbage disposal is something many do now and then. Garbage disposals are effective when they are fed one thing at a time. Overfilling the disposal will jam or overwork it.

It may sound trite, but some flush all kinds of things down the toilet. Of course, children often do this but grown-ups also put things down the toilet like facial scrubs, paper towels and cotton balls. When foreign objects are flushed down the toilet, clogs can quickly build up. Shower drains can also become clogged up with hair. If hair is left in the shower drain, it can build up and lead to clogs. This can lead to improper draining of the water clogging your shower drain.

To conclude, there are various plumbing mistakes we all make from time to time and some of them we can repair on our own; however, when it comes to more serious plumbing concerns, that is the time to call a professional plumber. Find out more about plumbing problems and how a plumbing professional can help you!

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